10 Conversation Starters – Food

Conversation Starter #1

If you were wealthy enough to have your own personal chef, what types of food would you ask them to prepare?

Conversation Starter #2

If 50 percent of the population of America chose to become vegetarian, what would happen from an agriculture and economy point of view?

Conversation Starter #3

People eat animals such as cows, pigs, and sheep, but why don’t people generally eat animals such as crocodiles, lions, and camels?

Conversation Starter #4

How much of the average person’s diet would disappear if they weren’t able to eat sugar?

Conversation Starter #5

What type of food could a restaurant offer if it claimed to be offering completely different food from any other restaurant?

Conversation Starter #6

Is there a market for a takeaway lunch bar for dieters that displays food based on its calorific value?

Conversation Starter #7

Years ago it was predicted that food would be in pill form. Why hasn’t this happened?

Conversation Starter #8

Devise the world’s most unusual sandwich.

Conversation Starter #9

Is there a type of food that is good for making people laugh?

Conversation Starter #10

Which vegetable would you describe as being a “ridiculous” vegetable?

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