10 Conversation Starters – Health

Scenario #1

Laughter is said to be a great healer. Create a Laugh-A-Lot program for hospitals that will bring laughter into the wards.

Scenario #2

If there are people who eat and drink all the wrong things, smoke too much, don’t get enough exercise, but live to a ripe old age, why don’t doctors recommend we follow their lead?

Scenario #3

For those people who don’t find going to the gym or pounding the streets very interesting, what’s a more exciting way to keep fit?

Scenario #4

Is it possible to devise a way for people to eat junk food and still be healthy?

Scenario #5

If eating isn’t just about nutrition but is also about emotion, how could supermarkets sell “happy” food?

Scenario #6

Some people don’t find drinking water very appealing, despite the potential health benefits. How can we make drinking water more attractive?

Scenario #7

How can stores present vegetables in such a way that children would want to eat them?

Scenario #8

If we can have our tonsils, adenoids, wisdom teeth, tailbone, appendix, and sinuses removed with no adverse effects, what’s the point of them?

Scenario #9

What could be the argument supporting the daim that wearing high heels regularly is good for women?

Scenario #10

What’s an innovative way for people to eat more in order to lose weight?

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