10 Conversation Starters – Homes

Home #1

If you could have your home automated to do anything you like, what would you want?

Home #2

How would you design an apartment to accommodate an extremely tall man and an extremely small woman?

Home #3

Would you like a house in the shape of a pyramid?

Home #4

How would it make you feel if all the windows and doors in your house were made from curved instead of straight lines?

Home #5

What have a mud but and a palace got in common?

Home #6:

If you could have an extra level on a house, would it be better to have an attic or a basement?

Home #7:

When it comes to family homes, is bigger always better?

Home #8:

People these days are too isolated. In order to move toward more communal ways of living, people need to …

Home #9:

What’s the best way to soundproof a house?

Home #10:

The advantages of having a very large tree growing in the center of the house are …

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