5 Easy Steps: Cotton Candy Bun

1. Start by combing the hair back into a high ponytail. For a sleeker effect, comb the hair back and spray the top and sides with hairspray before combing over it again. This will smooth down flyaways and create a more seamless look.

2. Tie off the hair with a hairband.

3. Next, grab a teasing brush and gently back-comb the ponytail in small sections; 3-4 sections for thinner hair and 5-6 sections for thicker hair. The trick to a gentle back-comb is to push the hair down towards the hairband. Start the comb at the middle of the strand and push the hair downwards before sliding the brush straight back up and repeating the downward strokes until the entire strand is teased.

4. Continue back-combing until all the strands are combed. Remember that the goal is to create volume, so the bigger the tease the better. Then take the entire pony-tail and give it a quick spray with hairspray before twisting it forwards.

5. Wrap the hair around the hairband, forming a bun. Slide pins around the base of the bun to secure the hair. Sliding the pins towards the elastic band will ensure they remain out of view at the end. Then set the finished style with a liberal spray of hairspray, smoothing down the hair leading to the bun and the bun itself.

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