10 Conversation Starters – How Would you Use

You have been given the following items and asked to make something creative out of them. What would you make?

Bundle of Items #1:

A large bag of potatoes, three yards of hessian, and ten newspapers

Bundle of Items #2:

Twenty red silk flowers, ten yards of pink ribbon, and a meter of thin silver chain

Bundle of Items #3:

A large tin of pink paint, fifteen drawing pads, fifteen envelopes

Bundle of Items #4:

A gallon of liquid chocolate, ten loaves of bread, ten pounds of salted cashews

Bundle of Items #5:

Three large palm leaves, a dozen coconut shells, fifty pine cones

Bundle of Items #6:

Ten blue T-shirts, an American flag, ten green scarves

Bundle of Items #7:

Twelve balls of orange wool, twelve oranges, twelve pairs of orange gloves

Bundle of Items #8:

Six tractor tires, twenty vintage wooden crates, one hundred glass bottles

Bundle of Items #9:

A trailer-load of snow, forty golf balls, three window frames

Bundle of Items #10:

Sixty light bulbs, ten glass vases, thirty DVDs

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