8 Easy Steps: Bun of Twists

1. Start by separating the hair into three sections. Create a part from the top of the crown down to the ear, clipping off the front portion with a duck-bill clip. Now create a second part on the opposite side, clipping off the front portion again with another clip.

2. Pick up the back section of hair and twist all the hair in that section into a sleek bun at the center of the back of the head, so it lines up with the top of the ears.

3. Secure the bun with bobby pins by sliding them towards the center of the bun and hiding them underneath. Use as many pins as you need.

4.Remove the clip holding the right front portion of hair and twist the hair upwards towards the back of the head. Add in hair as you work your way towards the back of the head until all the hair is brought in.

5. Lay the twist over the top of the bun and wrap it counter-clockwise around the bun.

6. Secure the tail of the twist by pinning it underneath the bun, sliding the pin towards the middle of the bun.

7. Now create a second twist with the hair on the left side of the head. Lay it over the bun as before and wrap it clockwise around the bun.

8. Pin down the end of the twist, hiding it underneath the bun, then set the style with hairspray and smooth down any stray hairs.

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