October: 5 Ways to Adjust Yourself to a New Normal

In October the days are abundant with colorful, falling leaves. This month’s theme is sustaining the new normal that you have developed. You’re mindful that you’re no longer on duty to shoulder the weight of the world.

1. Rock Out

If you put little rocks in a jar before trying to fit the big rocks, there won’t be room for the larger ones. But if you put the big rocks in first, the small ones fall around them. Somethings are more important than others.

ACTION: Set clear and practical priorities. Wrap your priorities around the people you love, not the people you around your work. What are your big rocks? What do you wrap your life around?

2. Let Down your Defense

We’re wired to be defensive, that doesn’t make us bad people. Someone angers or hurts you and a wall goes up automatically: It’s the elegant design of your nervous system

ACTION: Try dropping your defenses by asking yourself, “what am I defending within myself?” and “what would each moment be like if I were mindfully open to life without defenses?”

3. Say YES More

Overtime, the accumulation of a thousand little nos can create a closed-off life. A few yesses can add up, opening a whole universe of life changing experiences.

ACTION: This month pay attention to how many requests, opportunities, invitations, or questions you say no to. It could be a party invitation, drinks with coworkers after work, dinner with friends or attending a family reunion. Note in your phone every time you say no. At the end of the month, tally the number of times you turned down something.

Wonder how many times you missed out on the life you were supposed to have because you held too tightly to the life you thought you were supposed to have?

4. Adjust your Attitude

When Bryan first set foot in Venice, he was dazzled by the aroma, the food, the architecture and the romantic gondolas floating in the canals. By the end of the trip, he noticed the cracked pavements, the hot, dusty, air, and garbage floating in the canals. Venice was still the same romantic, beautiful place as when Bryan arrived, but in his mind it had soured. When he realized that his attitude – not the city – had changed, he was able to revert to his original impression

ACTION: See if you can think of an attitude that you need to adjust. Practice shifting your attitude about a person, place, or situation once or twice a day until positive feelings increase.

5. Notice How Far You’ve Progressed

Whether it’s working on a relationship, saving money, losing weight or completing a project, if you’re hurried you probably skip the intermediate stages because that’s when you get disheartened. It’s natural to grow impatient on the way to your goals

ACTION: Recognize how far you’ve come – not just reaching the goal. The small steps slowly mount up, just as brooks become rivers and rivers run into seas. Ask yourself, are things better? Even if it’s 1 pound!

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 5 learnings that stood out to me.

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