5 Easy Steps: Half-Up Bouffant

Step #1:

Start with dry hair. Begin at the crown of your head. Take a horizontal section of hair and lightly tease the root area. Continue in the same way, working up to a couple of inches away from your hairline.

Step #2:

Part your hair on the desired side and gently pull it back toward the back of the bottom of your crown.

Step #3:

Gather the whole top section of hair that you teased back, and twist it.

Step #4:

Push the twist up against the scalp. By doing this, you are not only creating a decorative style, but you are also helping the hair stay into place and maintaining the volume.

Step #5:

Pull on each side of the hair at the roots of the twisted section to create an even, rounded shape. Bobby pin the twist into place at the base. If your hair is extremely thick, you might need to use several pins. Finish off the look with a medium-hold hairspray.

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