8 Easy Steps: Wrapped Half Bun

1.Comb through the hair to ensure there aren’t any tangles. Next, separate off a portion of hair in a square pattern from the part, down the back of the head, level with the top of the ears, then across to the right ear. Clip off this section with a duck-bill dip to work with later.

2.Comb the rest of the hair into a low ponytail, slightly off-center to the left, and secure it with a dear elastic band. To create a sleek and smooth style, spray the hair with hairspray before tying it up.

3.Next, create an upside-down topsy tail by gently loosening the ponytail, creating a gap just above the elastic, and flipping the tail up and through the gap.

4.Comb through the tail of the ponytail, spray it with hairspray, and comb through it once more to ensure that it is smooth and free of flyaways. Then tie a clear elastic band near the end of the hair.

5.Roll the ponytail inwards and up towards the base, creating a thick rolled bun.

6.Pin down the bun by sliding bobby pins underneath it horizontally so they are hidden underneath the ponytail while holding it securely in place. Spray the bun with hairspray and glide a hand over the top to smooth down any loose hairs.

7.Let down the clipped portion of hair. Comb through it, mist it with hairspray, then comb through it once more before twisting the hair together in an upwards twist.

8.Lay the twist over the top of the bun, wrap it around the left side, and pin the end under the bun. Spray the finished ‘do with hairspray so it stays in place. If desired, slide a pretty dip or barrette on the right side to dress up the look even more.

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