10 Conversation Starters – Mixed Bag

• If you had to choose only four photos that would give an overview of your life so far, which would you choose?

• You are invited to live in a remote village for a month with a tribe who elects a new chief every full moon. The tribe is primitive and lives very basically, but has enough housing, food, social interaction, and rudimentary education for the children. The new chief decides on an action that will help the village for the coming month. This time it’s your turn to be chief. What action would you choose?

• Can you devise an unusual vacation that would suit people looking for adventure?

• Imagine that famous people had to work as gas station attendants for a month. Choose a famous person and say how you think they would cope.

• What’s the difference between “quirky” and “weird?”

• Sumo wrestlers train hard and only eat two meals a day. Why are they so big?

• There is a religious sect of a Pacific island tribe who believes that Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II, is a divine being, the pale-skinned son of a mountain spirit. If you had to devise a new religion based on a person, famous or otherwise, which person would you choose and what would the religion be?

• If New York City taxicabs were to be painted pink instead of yellow, what would be the consequences?

• What would cars look like if people had long bodies, short arms, and short legs?

• If the story of Noah’s Ark is true, how did Noah manage to stop the carnivores from eating other animals, and how did he feed them?

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