10 Conversation Starters – Neighbors

• There are two almost identical houses for sale on a street, either of which you would like to live in. One of the houses has neighbors who run a karaoke bar and like to have lots of friends around to use one of their karaoke machines in the garden. The other has neighbors who keep owls that make loud, scary, screeching noises at night time. If you had to choose one of the houses, which would you choose?

• You have new neighbors. They come round to ask if you would like to have an underground bunker built between your houses, with access from both, in case of a nudear disaster. What would you say?

• You are at a party and overhear one of your neighbors describing you as “quirky, creative, great fun, and eccentric:’ What would you think?

• You move into a new house where your neighbors are the longest standing residents on the street. They come round to see you with a piece of paper on which they have written down all the aspects they dislike about people on the street: The husband at number 17 swears too much; the children at number 9 have no manners; the family at number 12 don’t clean their toilet; and so on. What would you do?

• Think of all the people in the neighborhood you know. Who would you go to if you needed to borrow some sugar? Who would you go to if you wanted help carrying something heavy? Who would you go to if you wanted them to sign a Save the Whales petition?

• Your neighbor’s fruit tree overhangs your garden. You’ve asked them politely to prune it, but they have chosen not to, so you take the fruit that is hanging on your side of the fence and use it. They get angry and say it’s their fruit. What would you do?

• You are at a party and overhear one of your neighbors describing you as “intelligent, articulate, and an upstanding member of the community What would you think?

• What’s the most ridiculous neighbor dispute you’ve come across?

• You have decided to have a fancy dress street barbecue. Which neighbor would you ask to help you organize it, and what do you think the response from the other neighbors would be?

• New neighbors move in who do things at different times from the majority of people. They mow the lawn at midnight, repair the car or do DIY at five o’clock in the morning, and sit outside having conversations until the early hours. Would you say anything?

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