November: 6 Ways to Heighten Conscious Connections

It’s important to ask ourselves what changes we can still make to cultivate a richer, healthier, and more soulful ride.

1. Breathe Consciously

The human body discharges 70% of its toxins through breathing. If your breathing isn’t operating at peak efficiency, you’re not ridding yourself of toxins. Conscious deep breathing puts life back into your body, helps conquer the strains of daily life, and salves your soul

ACTION: Notice your breath right now. Is it coming from in your chest or deep in your abdomen? Is it fast or slow?

2. Be Resourceful

A resource is anything that helps you feel calmer by putting the brakes on the stress. It can be something you like about yourself, a positive memory or experience, person, place, pet, or anything that gives you comfort, joy, or serenity

ACTION: To activate your resource, simply bring it to mind, along with all the details of it that sustain or nurture you. Bring your resource to mind in vivid detail. Pay attention to your breathing, heart rate, and muscle tension. Be mindful of the changes.

3. Throw it in Reverse

You spend too much time busily trying to control the outer world, focused on completing tasks and keeping order.

ACTION: Live from the inside instead of the outside by cultivating a rich and healthy internal life. Take some time to ponder what needs correction on the inside before you strive to create your outer life. Can you pinpoint what you’ve tried to achieve on the outside to fill you up on the inside?

4. Affirm your Efforts

Inner dialogue has awesome power. It can make you think you can achieve anything or give up before you even try. Positive affirmations are not tricks to convince you that a situation is better than it actually is. They are prescriptions of encouragement within your reach.

ACTION: Say “I can do what I set my mind to do” or “I can manage this situation with ease”. A positive outlook can undo the damage that stress does to your mind and body. It literally helps repair cardiovascular wear and tear.

5. Be Open to Constructive Criticism

You can’t see the water you’re swimming in. Some criticism can save you from drowning. When you make this attitude adjustment, like good medicine, it makes a bitter pill go down.

ACTION: Can you handle constructive criticism without taking it personally? Can you listen with a dispassionate ear and regard it as helpful? If not, what do you need to change to understand that there could be something wrong with what you did? Remember, it’s not something wrong with you but what you did.

6. Be Drawn, Not Driven

You are driven by external circumstances. Driven by the ego, you allow them to determine your destiny.

ACTION: Get drawn from within. Discover an inner barometer to guide your thoughts. Mediate on how much of your life is under the control of external factors versus internal sources. Think about how much of your life is driven instead of drawn from your heart and soul.

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 6 teachings that resonated with me.

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