5 Easy Steps: Glamour Waves

Step #1:

Make sure your hair is completely dry. Starting at the nape of the neck, section your hair directly below the ear from one side to the other. Hold the curling iron horizontally to the head, clamp down at the root area, and slowly ease the hair through the hairtong.

Step #2:

Allow the curl to cool down by holding the hair in place, or pin it up.

Step #3:

Once the curl is cool to touch, release it.

Step #4:

Continue using the same technique throughout the head, working up the nape of the neck to the top and sides of the hair. Once the hair is fully curled, lightly comb it out.

Step #5:

Where the curl bends, use a duck-bill clip to help set the wave. Continue to add the clips where the hair dips, creating an “S” formation. Keep the clips in the hair for a few minutes and then spray with a firm-hold hairspray to finish.

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