5 Easy Steps: Pompadour Roll

Step #1:

Cut the sock-bun donut on one side to create a long roll. Divide your hair from front to back and clip back the front section. Create a very high pony in front of your crown area by brushing all of your hair up toward the crown, gathering the hair, and securing it with a hair elastic.

Step #2:

Release the section of hair in front and add it to the hair at the back, combing it forward toward your face.

Step #3:

Take the cut sock bun, place it at the ends of the hair, and roll it toward the hairline.

Step #4:

Continue to roll the sock bun until it’s tight to the head, creating a curved shape front of the face. This is the front of your pompadour.

Step #5:

Once the pompadour is in the place you want it, secure it with a few bobby pins. Finish off the look with a firm-hold hairspray.

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