5 Easy Steps: Bubble Ponytail

Step #1:

Brush your hair up and back into your crown area, make a ponytail, and secure it with a hair elastic. (If your hair is really thick use two elastics.) Clip back a small section of hair from the top of your pony.

Step #2:

With the comb, tease the hair in your pony at the base of the hair elastic. If your hair is resistant to teasing, add hair powder.

Step #3:

Drop the clipped-back section over your teased section of hair and smooth it over. You may need to comb your hair over the teased section to smooth it

Step #4:

Tie a hair elastic a few inches away from the first to make a bubble.

Step #5:

Create the second bubble by repeating the first steps: clip back a small section, tease the underneath hair and release the top section, smooth the hair over it and secure with a hair elastic. Repeat the bubble technique to make further bubbles and finish with hairspray.

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