Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 48

Question #1:

What does the expression “still waters run deep” mean? And do you think it’s true?

Question #2:

Do you think it’s better to live in one place or to move around?

Question #3:

Do you always rely on your GPS, or do you usually trust your own sense of direction when driving?

Question #4:

What is your mobile ring tone? Why did you choose it? How often do you change it?

Question #5:

At the end of your work day, do you usually feel:
a) Happy and satisfied.
b) Glad that you can go out and have fun.
c) Exhausted and desperate to de-stress and relax.

Question #6:

Are you more concerned with your weight, your finances, or your sexual prowess? What are you doing to improve in this area?

Question #7:

Do you feel poised for a change or pretty much steady with your pedal to the metal?

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