5 Easy Steps: Low Twisted Updo

Step #1:

Start with dry hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two. Clip back the front sections in front of the ears.

Step #2:

Working with the back of the hair first, make two twisted buns. To do this, split the hair in half, clip back the left section, and twist the right section as much as you can until it starts to coil, creating a bun effect. Secure it with bobby pins.

Step #3:

Drop out your left section and repeat.

Step #4:

Release the front sections and divide them into two or three smaller sections. Take the first 1-2-in (2.5-5-cm) section. Working from the bottom, twist it away from the face toward the back of your hair, take it to the opposite side, and secure it in place with a bobby pin.

Step #5:

Repeat with the other sections until you have no more hair to work with. Finish with firm-hold hairspray, or shine spray for smoothness.

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