December: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

The twelfth and final month of December signals the end of another year. Great work extends beyond mere job performance to staying mindfully engaged with yourself as a shining inspiration while sharing the knowledge you attained from your own experience.

1. Don’t Postpone Joy

When you think about fleeting life is, what comes to mind that needs attention?

ACTION: Think of three of your favorite things that bring you comfort or joy. Now ask yourself when the last time you did each one was. What does tell about how you’re living your life? Are you living someone else’s script?

2. Practice Walking Mediation

ACTION: Walk as if you’re kissing the earth with your feet. With each step allow yourself to be filled with freedom from your mind’s burden. Here’s some guidelines:

  •  As you walk, place your attention fully on your feet and legs as you lift them and put them on the ground.
  • Notice your feet making contact inside your shoes and then the ground. Pay attention to one foot and leg and the sensations as they carry your forward.
  • Then shift to the other foot and leg.
  • If you notice your mind drifting into other thought, let that be okay. Just bring your awareness back to the sensations of your feet as they connect to the ground.

3. Stop Labelling

Labels are for jars and frozen foods, not humans. They keep you stuck in whatever bad habit you’re trying to break

ACTION: Ask yourself if you use labels to describe yourself or others.  Notice how labels stunt yours and others growth. Ask what action words you can apply, pay attention to how much better that feels inside and how much easier it is to chill.

4. Illuminate your Blind Spots

You see the world, your work and loved ones as you are – not as they are. You become blind to the needs and perspective of others.

ACTION: Mediate on where your blind spots are. What or who have you overlooked? What blinders do you need to remove to bring your life into greater perspective?

5. Make a Do-Be List

Do you love making to-do lists? What if you made a to-be list alongside your to-do list? One item always on my list is to be outdoors in nature and listen to natural sounds of a regular basis like birds tweeting.

ACTION: Make it a practice to have a to-be list. Jot down a few of the items and as you complete them, check them off in the next few days. If you have to add a new task to your to-do list, knock another one off and make sure your to-be list is equal in length

Credits: B. Robinson’s book, Turn off Your Job and Turn on Your Life – I wanted to share 5 of my takeaways.

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