How to Create a French Braid High Bun

1. Start by brushing the hair straight back so it’s smooth. Separate out a section of hair at the hairline that runs the width of the forehead. Spray this section with hairspray, then comb through it so it is smooth.

2.Carefully divide this section of hair into three equal strands for the French braid portion.

3.Begin a French braid by crossing the strand on the left over the middle strand.

4.Now cross the right-side strand over the middle strand.

5.Pick up a section of hair and incorporate it into the left-side strand. Now cross this section over the middle strand. Incorporating sections of hair into the strands will create the French braid, so be sure to bring in hair every time to ensure that the braid is even on both sides.

6.Continue bringing in sections and braiding the hair until it reaches the spot where you will place your bun.

7.Braid the rest of this section into a regular braid and tie it off with a clear elastic band so it doesn’t come loose and slip out.

8.Sweep all the hair, including the tail of the braid, into a high ponytail at the back of the crown. Spray the underside of the hair with hairspray and run a comb through it to ensure all the tangles are removed and the flyaways are smoothed down.

9.Twist all the hair together to create the bun portion. At this point you can remove the clear elastic band from the end of the braid but be sure to keep a tight grip on the hair so the braid doesn’t fall loose when wrapping the bun.

10.Wrap the hair around to create a bun and pin it in place with bobby pins. Using four or more pins will ensure that the style is tight and will stay in place all day. Mist the entire style with hairspray and smooth down any loose hairs.

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