Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 51

Question #1:

What about your childhood do you most miss?

Question #2:

Do you frequently judge others? Why do you think you do and how is it affecting your relationships?

Question #3:

Would you rather donate your time or your money to a worthy cause? Which do you think is more valuable?

Question #4:

For your birthday, would you rather have:
a) Amnesia.
b) Dinner in your favorite restaurant with your loved one or family.
c) A surprise party thrown in your honor.

Question #5:

What would make you stand up and cheer?

Question #6:

Have you experienced unrequited love? What did you learn from it?

Question #7:

Which trait do you believe attracts others to you the most: intellect, looks, or sense of humor?

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