How to Create a Braided Mohawk

1.Brush through the hair to smooth it out and remove any snarls. Pick up a section of hair at the corners of the forehead, separating it off from the rest. Brush through it to smooth it down and spritz it with hairspray.

2.Slightly twist the separated section so the left side wraps over the right side.

3.Slide a pin over the twist and push it in towards the face. This will hide the pin under the hair, while also holding the hair tightly in place.

4.Separate out a portion of hair, halfway between the pinned portion and the ears.

5.Divide this section into three strands. Cross the right strand under the middle, then cross the left strand under the middle.

6.Cross the right strand under the middle and bring in a section of hair, crossing it under as well, incorporating it into the strand.

7.Continue braiding the hair down towards the nape of the neck. bringing in sections of hair with each cross-under.

8.When all the hair is brought in, braid the rest of the hair down into a regular braid and tie off the end with a clear elastic band.

9.Wrap the tail of the braid counter-clockwise into a bun and secure the edges with bobby pins. Use as many as you need to make it feel snug and secure, but slide the pins under the hair so they stay out of view. Smooth down any stray hairs with hairspray and spritz the style to set it.

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