Connect with you Partner – 7 Conversation Starters – Week 52

Question #1:

Can you name five things about this country that you think are terrific? And five things that you believe need to be changed?

Question #2:

Do you prefer texting, calling, or emailing for communication? Why?

Question #3:

If you could read anyone’s mind, whose would you choose and why?

Question #4:

Fantasies often take flight before a plane’s liftoff. While boarding, you usually think about:
a) Gliding gently onto the runway of your destination.
b) A terrorist takeover or crash landing.
c) Sitting next to an interesting stranger.

Question #5:

Let’s say you get a second chance on your life. What is the first thing you would do over?

Question #6:

What do you think is the most horrible sound in the world? The sweetest?

Question #7:

How do you feel about nostalgia? Good or bad?

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