How to Create a Bun with Side Braids

1.Brush through the hair to smooth it out and remove any tangles. Then section off a portion of hair from the part down to the right ear and clip this section off with a duck-bill clip. Repeat on the left side.

2.Brush through the back portion of hair, spray it with hairspray, and brush it into a low ponytail. Tie it off with a hairband. It should sit lower than the ears, near the nape of the neck.

3.Place a hair donut over the ponytail so it sits at the base, over the elastic.

4.Spread the ponytail around the hair donut and pop a clear elastic band over the top to hold the hair in place.

5.Twist together the hair that hangs out from the bun.

6.Wrap the twist clockwise around the base of the bun and pin down the end.

7.Let down the clipped portion of hair on the right side and divide this section into three strands to create a Dutch braid. Cross the right strand under the middle, then cross the left strand under the middle. Then cross the right strand under the middle and bring in a new section of hair, crossing it under as well, incorporating it into the strand. Continue braiding the hair, bringing in new sections of hair with each cross-under. When all the hair is brought in, braid the rest of the hair down into a regular braid.

8.Lay the braid over the bun, wrap it counter-clockwise around the bun, and pin down the end with a bobby pin.

9.Create a second Dutch braid with the clipped hair on the left side.

10.Wrap this braid clockwise around the bun, pinning down the end. Then smooth down any stray hairs with hairspray and spritz the style to set it.

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