5 Easy Steps: Twisted Waterfall Braid

Step #1:

Take three sections of hair at the front hairline. Cross the lower section over the middle section, away from the face.

Step #2:

Take the section from the top of your head and let it down over the middle section, creating the “drop-out” section.

Step #3:

Twist the bottom section over the drop-out section, locking it into place and creating a ropebraid waterfall.

Step #4:

Lay another waterfall section from the top of your head over the top section of the ropebraid and twist the lower section over again.

Step #5:

Repeat this process until the braid is as long as you want You can continue the braid to the other side of the head. If you still have hair left at The end, continue with a three-strand braid and secure with a hair elastic. To hide the end of the braid, tuck it underneath the braid and pin it into place with a bobby pin.

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