Beginners Yoga for Children: The Head

The aim is to re-establish contact with one’s body by simple gestures that will prove to be very beneficial. These sessions can take place any time, preferably in a calm setting. The child is lying on their back, on a yoga mat, or a bed, eyes closed and arms alongside the body. The parent is close to the child, speaking calmly, with fingers slowly going from one part of the child’s body to the other, using images to describe it. The child has to concentrate on each part of their body while listening to the story.

This exercise aims to relax the muscles in the face and brings a feeling of relaxation and appeasement by releasing accumulated tensions. The also promotes feeling through touch: the child visualizes the part of the body on which your finger travels.

  1. Tell your child their head is like a mountain. This trip starts at the top of the mountain to end at the bottom of the valley.
  2. Put your fingers on the top of the head, i.e. the top of the mountain.
  3. Go down the forehead, traveling along its entire surface and explaining to the child that it is a mountain lake.
  4. Go onto both brows that you describe as two pine forests.
  5. Outline the eyes while explaining that they are two bumps that have worked hard since the morning.
  6. Do not forget the two ears, the two cliffs that have listened a great deal and now need some rest.
  7. Go back on the cheeks and describe them as mountain slopes that need to relax to receive more kisses.
  8. Then the nose, a peak that functions during our whole life and deserves to relax.
  9. Then go down towards the lips and the mouth. End the trip on the chin, the last bump before the abrupt valley. The mountain—the face—is now relaxed.

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