Beginners Yoga for Children: Hip to Toes

The aim is to re-establish contact with one’s body by simple gestures that will prove to be very beneficial. These sessions can take place any time, preferably in a calm setting. The child is lying on their back, on a yoga mat, or a bed, eyes closed and arms alongside the body. The parent is close to the child, speaking calmly, with fingers slowly going from one part of the child’s body to the other, using images to describe it. The child has to concentrate on each part of their body while listening to the story.

The bottom part of the body supports the child’s weight and contributes to its mobility. Its muscles are quite taxed.

1 Travel onto the stomach plain in order to reach the hip plain that has supported the upper body all day. Tell your child the hips have to take a break and relax.

2. Now, move down the legs—these two rivers that have helped your child walk, run, and jump all day. Don’t they also deserve to rest?

3. Midway, you meet the whirlpool of the knee that has worked hard moving and bending. Your finger turns and turns around the kneecap to relax it.

4. When the knee is well-rested, move on to the second half of the river.

5. The lower part of the knee is a waterfall with rapids forming on the tibias. They also are tense after an active day.

6. At the end of the river, you find yourself in the small lake of the ankle, which can now relax after having been the prisoner of a shoe all day.

7. Now, you are ascending the two rocky peaks that hold the body up during the day, which can now relax and rest.

8. Behind the rocky peaks, visit the arches. Move back and forth on each toe to end up on the biggest one, which is also the highest.

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