Beginners Yoga for Children: Breathing – Snake (Samasana)

Practice this breathing exercise with your child. The playful poses teach the younger children to breathe properly and to control their breath. Breathing is the basis of several athletic and artistic activities; such as singing or running. In our every day life, breathing enables us to control our emotions. Breathing is necessary to our yoga practice because each component of a yoga pose corresponds to an inhale or an exhale. Breathing sessions can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Breathing and emotions interact: feelings affect breathing and vice-versa.

  1. Sit on your heels, with your legs bent.
  2. Bring your palms together above your head.
  3. Go as far down as you can, and place your hands away from you.
  4. You are going to envision yourself as a snake and hiss just like one. Place your tongue against your palate. Slowly raise your head while inhaling, letting the air flow between your tongue and your palate.
  5. When your arms are vertical, bring your head back down as you exhale while letting air out and hissing continually. You become a snake hissing to protect itself.
  6. You can repeat this exercise several times, calmly.

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