Beginners Yoga for Children: Flexibility – Shoulders

These flexibility exercises are perfect as an introduction into yoga. They also work on your child’s flexibility, “oil” the articulations, and maintain their muscles. They should be practiced in a relaxed environment, without straining. You can use your imagination and add head movements (yes, no, perhaps; etc.) or shoulder swimming, etc.

This pose strengthens and loosens the child’s shoulders.

  • Sit with your legs shaped like a diamond, i.e. legs bent and sitting on your heels. Both arms are relaxed.
  • Gently lift your shoulders trying to touch your ears. Bring them back down slowly. Repeat three to five times. gently.
  • Arms bent. place the tips of your fingers (not the thumbs) on your shoulders. Slowly rotate your elbows so they touch in front of you. Repeat three times in each direction.

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