Beginners Yoga for Children: Courage Mudra (Ahamkara)

Mudras are hand and finger movements that can be practiced any time, anywhere. Nonetheless, it is recommended to practice them sitting, or in one of the following three yoga postures: easy, diamond, lotus, or half-lotus. Practice five to fifteen minutes with the older children; a minimum of ten deep breathing cycles through the nose for the younger ones. Don’t expect them to replicate perfectly. Make sure your child is relaxed; the pressure applied on the fingers must stay light. Eyes must be shut or looking directly ahead, breathing free.

This gesture reinforces self-assurance and self-confidence. It helps dissipate fear and shyness. Ahamkara is a Sanskrit word used to describe egoism, vanity, or self-confidence.

1. Sit in easy pose. cross-legged.

2. Slightly bend both of your index fingers and position the tips of your thumbs on their second phalanxes.

3. Keep the three other fingers of each hand extended.

4. The hands can now rest on the thighs or the knees.

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