Beginners Yoga for Children: Standing Pose – Warrior I

Because standing postures require no equipment and very little space, they can be practiced anytime, anywhere. They can be suggested to your child during a lengthy wait, possibly inviting other children and making it a group game.

This pose develops your child’s thorax. It opens the hips; strengthens the legs, thighs, and knees; stretches and strengthens the chest, shoulders, neck, stomach. and groin. This pose also strengthens arm and back muscles. It improves endurance and strength, particularly in the legs and ankles.

  • Standing. bring your right leg forward and bend it. Your left leg is extended.
  • Your front foot is perpendicular to your back foot and remains flat.

  • Extend both your arms up. Slightly tilt your head back and look at your arms.
  • Keep the pose a few seconds while breathing slowly. Come back to your initial position.
  • Switch sides. Repeat three times. alternating sides.

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