Beginners Yoga for Children: Standing Pose – Extended Side Angle

Because standing postures require no equipment and very little space, they can be practiced anytime, anywhere. They can be suggested to your child during a lengthy wait, possibly inviting other children and making it a group game.

This pose helps your child create space between their shoulders and stretch their pelvis. It stretches the lateral back muscles. brings flexibility to the spine and knees, and tones the thighs.

  • Stand up. legs wide apart. Inhale while raising both arms horizontally, palms facing downward.
  • Bend the right knee while twisting the foot outward.

  • Exhale while bending your right side laterally, positioning your right hand flat at the back of the right foot.
  • Extend your left arm over your head, touching your left ear. The body must be in a straight line from the left arm to the left foot. Keep the pose for a few seconds while breathing normally.

  • Come back to your original position and switch sides.

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