Beginners Yoga for Children: Sitting Pose – Cow Face

Practice with your child. Just like the standing postures, the sitting postures usually become more appealing when practiced as a game. For example, while in upward plank you can let a ball roll down the child’s back.

This pose provides relief and flexibility to your child’s shoulders. It tones the back muscles and helps align the spine. It also prevents sciatica pain.

1. This pose can be practiced sitting or standing. As a sifting posture. sit with your legs extended in front of you.

2. Bend your right leg to bring your foot back over the inside of your left knee.

3. Bend your left leg and bring your foot next to your right hip.

4. Try to bring the right foot as close to your left hip as possible.

5. Sitting or standing, bring your right arm up and bend it behind your back as you inhale. Bend your left arm behind your back and grab your right hand. Breathe normally for at least three seconds.

6. Come back to the original position. Switch sides. Depending on the child. this pose might be easier on one side.

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