There’s SO MUCH to learn about you.

And you may learn a tad bit of that SO MUCH through me.

I am a tall South Asian female, first-born in the mid-1990s in Toronto working full-time. The two amazing people that raised me together both lived the first 30ish years of their lives in Sri Lanka.

That’s me in two sentences.

See if you can relate to me:

  • You’re first-bornyou’re supposed to be the responsible one!
  • You’re the 2nd generationa.k.a your parents were born outside of Canada – that’s 5.7M of us!
  • You’re tall no, not 5’5″, I’m talking 5’9″+
  • You were born in the 1990syou played M.A.S.H and may have had a Tamagotchi
  • You grew up in Canada you went to school in a snowstorm
  • You’re a femaleyou’ve been told to be a certain way for no other reason
  • You’re South Asian home remedies all day everyday!
  • You speak Tamil it may not be 100% fluent, that’s okay!
  • You strive to build a career, not just have job

Were you able to relate to at least one thing? If the answer is…YES!!! than free-finally.com will give you a perspective that may resonate with you.

Free-finally.com is about me sharing abundantly the little and big things I experience only if I believe it will help rise and uplift at least one person (that may be you!). There is so much for us to learn about ourselves. Learning our inner world – being aware of our monkey mind – will empower us to be free-finally.

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