8 Moves Only HIIT Workout

Rest for one minute after each round. Sprint Mountain Climber Cross Jack Crab Touch Side Suicides Tiger Push Up Skater Jump Russian Twist

18 Minute Trio HIIT Workout

Total body challenge of 3 exercises x 3 sets x 3 rounds. Repeat each set three times before moving to the next. Rest 30 seconds at the end of each round. Cross-Country Seal Jump Lunge Mountain Climber Sprint 1-2 Push Burpee Star Squat Pedal Grasshopper

6 Stimulating Twist Exercises

Twists are cleansing. They wring out the internal organs like sponges. They improve mental activity, for an aligned and strong spinal column is better equipped to receive and transmit nerve signals to the brain. Twists help create a new sense of perspective: craning your gaze beyond the horizon of your normal view, you perceive newContinue reading “6 Stimulating Twist Exercises”

HIIT Workout: 2 Sprint Moves Only

When sprinting, relax your hands and shoulders, keep your torso tall, and engage your core. Drive with your arms to create momentum but keep the arms bent at roughly 90 degrees and swing your hands from shoulders to hip. Sprint Mountain Climber

4 Easy Back Strengthening Exercises

Back bends are invigorating, stimulating, and cheerful. They get the heart pumping and include inversion benefits. They work as a facelift. Back bends benefit the face by bringing a luminescence and rosiness to the skin. Back bends both require and build great strength.They alleviate lower back pain, which releases the face from pinching and wincing.Continue reading “4 Easy Back Strengthening Exercises”

Star Power HIIT Workout – Only 4 Moves

Yelling, “I’m a star!” as loudly as possible is optional during this routine, but highly recommended! That brief moment of levity may make you forget how much your legs and legs are burning during this blockbuster workout. X-Jack Jump Lunge Star Cross Push

6 Yoga Poses: Air

Air is associated with the mental plane: thoughts give rise to action and are then manifested in the physical realm. The realm of air is ethereal. Practicing the poses in this category will help you transform your physical reality quickly and easily. These poses will literally turn you upside down and help you let goContinue reading “6 Yoga Poses: Air”

Head to Tone HIIT Workout

Put your cardio endurance to the test with this routine that goes from high-energy cardio to explosive strength exercises. Remember: Train insane or remain the same! No rest between rounds. Sprint Squat Seal Jack Reverse Lunge Push Up Jump Lunge Cross Jack Squat Jump