5 Easy Steps: Cotton Candy Bun

1. Start by combing the hair back into a high ponytail. For a sleeker effect, comb the hair back and spray the top and sides with hairspray before combing over it again. This will smooth down flyaways and create a more seamless look. 2. Tie off the hair with a hairband. 3. Next, grab aContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Cotton Candy Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Headband Twist & Tuck

Step #1: Start with completely dry hair. If you want more curl or texture, feel free to curl your hair before attempting this hairstyle. Then put on your headband. Step #2: Starting on the right side of your head, take a section of hair and wrap it up and over the rolled band, pulling theContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Headband Twist & Tuck”

5 Easy Steps: Twisted Rope Braided Bun

1. Begin by creating a part down the center of the back of the head, dividing the hair into two halves, left and right. Tie off each side with a clear elastic band to create two ponytails at the back of the head, lining them up with the top of the ears. Spray them withContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Twisted Rope Braided Bun”

4 Easy Steps: Bouffant Bun

Step #1: Create a high ponytail by brushing your hair all the way up to the crown of the head and securing the hair in a hair elastic or clip. Step #2: Add bulk to your pony by teasing your hair at the base. If your hair is silky and doesn’t hold backcombing very well,Continue reading “4 Easy Steps: Bouffant Bun”

6 Easy Steps: How to Create a Donut Bun

Use a paddle brush to smooth all the hair back into a high ponytail. For a smooth look, spray the hair with hairspray before brushing it. Tie off the hair using a hairband. Make sure the ponytail sits high on the head, at the back of the crown, above the ears. Slide a hair donutContinue reading “6 Easy Steps: How to Create a Donut Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid

Step #1: Position your fingers up and the back of your hands down so you always braid your hair underhanded. Take a half-moon section from the front of the hairline and divide your hair into three equal sections. Step #2: Take the section on your right and go under the middle section into the middle.Continue reading “5 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid”

5 Easy Steps: Upside-Down French Braid Back Bun

Step #1: Section off the front section from ear to ear across the crown area and clip back for later. Step #2: Flip your head upside down and start a normal French braid technique by taking a small section of hair at the nape of your neck and dividing it into three equal sections. SeeContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Upside-Down French Braid Back Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Low Chic Ponytail

Step #1: Start with pre-straightened hair that is completely dry. Divide the hair into two sections around The ear area from side to side. Clip back the front section. Step #2: Apply the silkening creme onto a flat brush, and brush the product into your hair toward the nape of your neck as you gatherContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Low Chic Ponytail”

5 Easy Steps: Woven Ponytail

Step #1: Section out both sides of the hair in front of the ears and clip back. Step #2: Create a low pony at the nape of neck and secure it with a hair elastic. Step #3: Drop out the sections in front. Take a 1-2-in (2.5-5-cm) section above the left ear and clip backContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Woven Ponytail”

4 Easy Steps: Fishtail Ponytail

Step #1: Gather the hair on top of your head to create a high pony at the crown area, and secure it with a hair elastic. Divide the hair inside the ponytail into two equal sections. Step #2: Take a small section of hair from the outside of the right section, and bring that sectionContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Fishtail Ponytail”