4 Ways to Find the Right Career Coach For You

1.Find Someone in Your Price Range Career coaches don’t come cheap. Getting career advice tailored to your specific needs comes at a price, which can range anywhere from $50-$500 per session. Some coaches also have a minimum number of meetings that you’ll have to book them for. When vetting career coaches, don’t be shy about askingContinue reading “4 Ways to Find the Right Career Coach For You”

You Definitely Don’t Need to Meet Every Requirement to Apply for a Job

 Most of what you need to succeed in your work involves skills you never took a class to acquire. And that can complicate the application process. When you look at the qualifications for entry-level jobs, many of the items on the list may be things you have not yet encountered. 1.Focus on Your Transferable SkillsContinue reading “You Definitely Don’t Need to Meet Every Requirement to Apply for a Job”

Top 3 Job Search Hacks

Regardless of your industry, age, background, skill set, or experience level, there are tried and tested hacks that you can take advantage of to help you cut through the competition, get off the job search treadmill, and lock down your next great job opportunity. HACK #1: Maintain Authenticity It’s harder than ever before to connectContinue reading “Top 3 Job Search Hacks”

5 Ways to Find a Job FAST

It’s often said that good things take time — but unfortunately, when it comes to the job search, you don’t always have that luxury. It’s no secret many companies have slow hiring processes — or at least slower than you’d like. Unfortunately, there’s not a whole lot you can do to expedite the process onContinue reading “5 Ways to Find a Job FAST”

The Ultimate Job Search Playlist

A song can be a powerful tool towards job search inspiration as it carries the power to quickly spark a change in our mood and take us from unmotivated to determined in no time.  Feel free to list to the entire playlist through the link at the bottom or click through the songs that inspireContinue reading “The Ultimate Job Search Playlist”

Avoid the Top 6 Resume Mistakes Students Make

As the job market gets more competitive, students need to do everything they can to rise to the top. It all starts with the resume. Avoid these common mistakes so your resume can reach its full potential. 1.Attempting One Size Fits All Every job is different. So shouldn’t your resume reflect those changes? It’s easyContinue reading “Avoid the Top 6 Resume Mistakes Students Make”

Top 4 Ways to Master Working-from-Home

With focus and hard work you can be just as productive at home as you are in the office, if not more so. With this in mind, these five skills will be important for you to develop if you are to find success as a remote worker. 1.Master Time Management When you work from home,Continue reading “Top 4 Ways to Master Working-from-Home”

3 Steps: How to Make a Career Joy List

When you’re job searching, the end goal seems fairly clear: get hired for a job. Period. But ask yourself this: do you just want any old job, or one that fulfills you and truly makes you happy? One way to achieve this is to make a career joy list. If you need some help getting yourContinue reading “3 Steps: How to Make a Career Joy List”

6 Reasons for a Career + Job Search Coach

Whether it’s to give your job search more direction or help you if you’re stuck at a career crossroads, a career coach can be a great professional asset. Although it’s an added expense, what you’ll pay for a career coach now can be an investment that will pay off for years to come.  1. Understand Your WhyContinue reading “6 Reasons for a Career + Job Search Coach”

5 Ways to a Land Job When You Have Little Experience

You don’t always need a perfect resume to land the job. You need to be able to showcase your ability to add value and perform the job well. 1. Remember that job requirements are not always set in stone You have no chance of getting the job if you don’t try. So the first step isContinue reading “5 Ways to a Land Job When You Have Little Experience”