5 Ways to Stay Positive While Job Searching

When you’ve been job searching for some time, it’s hard to not feel frustrated. Every time you don’t hear back or don’t get the job after an interview can lead to feelings of sadness and defeat. But being positive is crucial to job search success! 1.Open the Bottle Even though you might feel like you’re complaining, it’sContinue reading “5 Ways to Stay Positive While Job Searching”

7 Ways to Beat Job Rejection

Here’s the thing: dealing with rejection is never fun. You never hope that you get turned down for something. However, it is possible to deal with that letdown in a way that presents you in the best way possible—and hopefully sets you up for even better opportunities in the future.  1. Accept Rejection As a FundamentalContinue reading “7 Ways to Beat Job Rejection”

7 Hints You Need a New Job

A great job that challenges you regularly and creates opportunities for professional growth will help set you up for more rapid career advancement. If you are unhappy with your career or seeing no professional growth, that can impact all areas of your life, from your health to your advancement opportunities.  HINT #1: Chronic Boredom IfContinue reading “7 Hints You Need a New Job”

5 Universal Rules for a Stellar Resume

If a job search is a journey, a stellar resume is your passport. If you’re getting ready for your next career move, keep these 5 universal rules in mind as you create or update your resume. 1.Cover all the basics The goal of a resume is to best represent your relevant skills and accomplishments, everyContinue reading “5 Universal Rules for a Stellar Resume”

7 Ways to Boost your Job Search During COVID-19

Looking for work is challenging enough, but when you throw a global pandemic into the mix, it can be significantly more difficult. Whether you’re taking this time to plan your next career move or you are a current student or a new grad, remember to persevere!   The good news is that companies are still operatingContinue reading “7 Ways to Boost your Job Search During COVID-19”

6 Steps to Winning your Video Interviews

In the wake of the pandemic, the HR interviewing landscape has changed dramatically. Here are some tips and tools for a video interview that will help you land the job you want. Just a few months ago, you would visit an office in-person to pitch your skills, now you’ll likely be jumping on a ZoomContinue reading “6 Steps to Winning your Video Interviews”

5 Things you Must Do to Ace your Phone Interview

While months ago a phone interview was usually reserved for a perfunctory screening of candidates before they were brought in for a face-to-face interview, phone interviews seem poised to play a more crucial part in the hiring process as long as COVID-19 is around. 1. Be clear on the details Pay attention to the details.Continue reading “5 Things you Must Do to Ace your Phone Interview”