Beginners Yoga for Children: Back and Spine

Both the back and the spine are much in demand at school or while playing. Concentrating on them as the child lies face down provides muscle relaxation and tension release.

December: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

The twelfth and final month of December signals the end of another year. Great work extends beyond mere job performance to staying mindfully engaged with yourself as a shining inspiration while sharing the knowledge you attained from your own experience. 1. Don’t Postpone Joy When you think about fleeting life is, what comes to mindContinue reading “December: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year”

November: 6 Ways to Heighten Conscious Connections

It’s important to ask ourselves what changes we can still make to cultivate a richer, healthier, and more soulful ride. 1. Breathe Consciously The human body discharges 70% of its toxins through breathing. If your breathing isn’t operating at peak efficiency, you’re not ridding yourself of toxins. Conscious deep breathing puts life back into yourContinue reading “November: 6 Ways to Heighten Conscious Connections”

October: 5 Ways to Adjust Yourself to a New Normal

In October the days are abundant with colorful, falling leaves. This month’s theme is sustaining the new normal that you have developed. You’re mindful that you’re no longer on duty to shoulder the weight of the world. 1. Rock Out If you put little rocks in a jar before trying to fit the big rocks,Continue reading “October: 5 Ways to Adjust Yourself to a New Normal”

September: 4 Ways to Clean Up your Inner World

From time to time, you may find yourself putting your needs at the bottom of the list in order to take care of others. If you want to help others, the key is to take care of yourself first. When you sacrifice your well-being (nutrition, rest, and exercise), you become overly stressed and burnt out,Continue reading “September: 4 Ways to Clean Up your Inner World”

6 Stimulating Twist Exercises

Twists are cleansing. They wring out the internal organs like sponges. They improve mental activity, for an aligned and strong spinal column is better equipped to receive and transmit nerve signals to the brain. Twists help create a new sense of perspective: craning your gaze beyond the horizon of your normal view, you perceive newContinue reading “6 Stimulating Twist Exercises”

4 Easy Back Strengthening Exercises

Back bends are invigorating, stimulating, and cheerful. They get the heart pumping and include inversion benefits. They work as a facelift. Back bends benefit the face by bringing a luminescence and rosiness to the skin. Back bends both require and build great strength.They alleviate lower back pain, which releases the face from pinching and wincing.Continue reading “4 Easy Back Strengthening Exercises”