Power Hour HIIT Workout #3

Do each set three times. Rest for 30 seconds after each set. Total time: 45m Warm Up Work Out

Power Hour HIIT Workout #2

Do each set three times. Rest for 20 seconds after each set. Total time: 45m Warm Up Workout

30 Minute HIIT Workout – Fit Frenzy

High Knees Grasshopper Burpee Spiderman Star Ball Press Jump Lunge Reach Side Suicides Squat Pedal Ski Jump Sphinx Power Knee Squat Jump 1-2 Push

30 Minute HIIT Workout – When in Doubt Workout

Perform each set three times before doing the next. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. Sprint X-Jack Seal Jack Mountain Climber Squat Reverse Lunge Squat Jump Jump Lunge Plank Punch Speed Skater Mogul Jump Star High Knees 1-2 Push Pike Double Cross

4 Minute Metabolic Booster HIIT Routines

Sprint Squat Push Up In-and-Out Abs X-Jack Cross-Country Seal Crab Touch Star Sprint Spiderman Up Down 1-2 Push Power Knee Squat Jump Burpee Burpee Jump Lunge Cross Push Cross Jack Squat Pedal Tiger Push Mogul Jump V-Up

Firm and Burn HIIT Workout

Jumping Jack Cross-Country Seal X-Jack Mountain Climber Mountain Climber The Mummy Push-Up Seal Jack Squat Squat Hold Sprint 1-2 Push Crab Touch Squat Jump Pedal Squat Lift Ski Squat Cross Push 4 Calf Raises + 4 Taps Reach Up Down

18 Minute Trio HIIT Workout

Total body challenge of 3 exercises x 3 sets x 3 rounds. Repeat each set three times before moving to the next. Rest 30 seconds at the end of each round. Cross-Country Seal Jump Lunge Mountain Climber Sprint 1-2 Push Burpee Star Squat Pedal Grasshopper

14 Minute Fire HIIT Workout

For all levels, repeat the set four times. Rest for one minute after each set. Sprint Plank Jumping Jack Plank Rotation Squat Burpee Push-Up Seal Jack Plank Punch Squat Jump Alternating Leg Lift Burpee 1-2 Push Star In-and-Out Abs Squat Pedal

Energizing HIIT Workout

Push-Up Squat Jumping Jack Plank Hold Cross Push Jump Lunge Tricep Dip Burpee 1-2 Push Squat Pedal Crab Touch Alternating Leg lift Burpee