Step-by-Step: How BEST to Apply Beard Oil

1. Clean your Beard You don’t want to apply beard oil to a dirty beard. Dirt and dust accumulate in your whiskers and it’s even more of an issue with a longer beard. 2. Dry your Beard Use a soft towel to pat your beard dry; you can use a blow dryer if you choose,Continue reading “Step-by-Step: How BEST to Apply Beard Oil”

When to Use Coconut Oil For Your Beard?

1. Not satisfied with your beard’s growth? Try some coconut oil A healthy beard is typically one that – among other positives – is growing at a normal pace, and coconut is said to help in that area, too. A consistent application of coconut oil encourages your beard to grow, both in length and thickness.Continue reading “When to Use Coconut Oil For Your Beard?”