5 Easy Steps: Topsy-Tail Side Braid

Step #1: Brush your hair to the desired side. Make an off-center triangle parting from the high recession on the right of your head toward the opposite side near your ear Step #2: Make a small ponytail about an inch away from your crown toward the right side and create a small topsy-tail. Step #3:Continue reading “5 Easy Steps: Topsy-Tail Side Braid”

5 Easy Steps: Side Bun with Braid-Wrapped

1. Comb through the hair to remove any tangles before dividing it into two sections, one larger than the other, from the crown down to the left side, at the nape of the neck. Use a clear elastic band to secure the left section while you work with the rest of the hair. 2. TakeContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Side Bun with Braid-Wrapped”

Fishtail Braid in 5 Easy Steps

The fishtail braid is a classic. It’s one of the easiest braids once you get the hang of it. This looks great on ladies with long, straight to wavy hair. It works beautifully for fine hair because you can pull on each side of the fishtail to give instant thickness. My thick-haired and curly-haired friendsContinue reading “Fishtail Braid in 5 Easy Steps”

6 Easy Steps: Braided Bun

1.Brush through the hair to remove any tangles then part the hair either in the middle or on the side; either works fine. Pick up the section of hair from the part down to the left ear. Braid the section into a regular braid and tie off the end with a clear elastic band. 2.CreateContinue reading “6 Easy Steps: Braided Bun”