5 Easy Steps: Rope Braided Bun

1.After combing through the hair, pick up a section right behind the right ear, from the part down to the nape of the neck. 2.Divide the section into two strands and twist the bottom section over the top section. 3.Pick up a new strand of hair and combine it with one of the original twoContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Rope Braided Bun”

4 Easy Steps: Milkmaid Braid

Step #1: Start with dry hair. Divide the hair in half from the middle of the hairline down to the nape of the neck Step #2: Split one side into three sections and apply a simple three-strand braid technique. Continue this technique until you have no more hair to work with and secure the endsContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Milkmaid Braid”

5 Easy Steps: Twisted Rope Braided Bun

1. Begin by creating a part down the center of the back of the head, dividing the hair into two halves, left and right. Tie off each side with a clear elastic band to create two ponytails at the back of the head, lining them up with the top of the ears. Spray them withContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Twisted Rope Braided Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid

Step #1: Position your fingers up and the back of your hands down so you always braid your hair underhanded. Take a half-moon section from the front of the hairline and divide your hair into three equal sections. Step #2: Take the section on your right and go under the middle section into the middle.Continue reading “5 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid”

5 Easy Steps: French Braid

Step #1: Take a small half-moon section at the top of your head starting at the hairline, and divide it into three clean and equal strands. Hold two of the strands in one hand and the third in the other hand. Step #2: Take the strand of hair from the left and cross it upContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: French Braid”

4 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid in a Ponytail

Step #1: Starting at the part of your hair, divide a section of hair into three small, even sections. Take the small piece of hair closest to the part and cross it under into the middle section. Then take the small section of hair from around the hairline and go under into the middle section.Continue reading “4 Easy Steps: Dutch Braid in a Ponytail”

4 Easy Steps: Side Dutch Braid

Step #1: Create a deep side part on the desired side by going as far over as the arch of your brow line. From that parting, create a large C-like section from the hairline down to the side of the nape of your neck, about an inch away from the middle of the back ofContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Side Dutch Braid”

5 Easy Steps: How to do a Lace Braid

Step #1: Brush out your hair with a lithe shine serum to make it smooth. Starting on the desired side, take a small section of hair at your parting and hairline and create three small sections of hair Step #2: Cross the section from the hairline under the middle section (this is your new middleContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: How to do a Lace Braid”

5 Easy Steps: Side Dutch Braid

Step #1: Take a 1-2-in (2.5-5-cm) section of hair at the hairline on one side and split it into three. Step #2: Begin your Dutch braid by bringing the right section under the middle, and the left section under the right. Then add some hair to the middle piece (now on the right side) andContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Side Dutch Braid”

5 Easy Steps: Ropebraid Bun

Step #1: Brush your hair toward the crown of the head, gather all the hair together, and secure with a hair elastic to create a ponytail. If your hair is really thick, add a second elastic. Step #2: Divide the hair left out of the ponytail in half. Twist the hair on the right sideContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Ropebraid Bun”