4 Easy Steps: Infinity Bun

Step #1: Brush your hair well, then brush it up and away from your face toward the low crown area. Gather all of your hair together and create a ponytail by securing it at the low crown area with a hair elastic. Step #2: Split the hair in half inside your ponytail, then twist theContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Infinity Bun”

How to Create a Bun with Side Braids

1.Brush through the hair to smooth it out and remove any tangles. Then section off a portion of hair from the part down to the right ear and clip this section off with a duck-bill clip. Repeat on the left side. 2.Brush through the back portion of hair, spray it with hairspray, and brush itContinue reading “How to Create a Bun with Side Braids”

How to Create a Braided Mohawk

1.Brush through the hair to smooth it out and remove any snarls. Pick up a section of hair at the corners of the forehead, separating it off from the rest. Brush through it to smooth it down and spritz it with hairspray. 2.Slightly twist the separated section so the left side wraps over the rightContinue reading “How to Create a Braided Mohawk”

How to Create a French Braided Loop Bun

1.Use a comb to separate a section of hair, from the part down to the left ear. Clip off the front portion with a duck-bill clip. 2.Place a stretchy headband over the center of the head, sliding the back portion down the back of the head at the nape of the neck. If the headbandContinue reading “How to Create a French Braided Loop Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Two Ropebraid Bun

Step #1: Start with dry hair. Split the hair in half down the center. Create two pigtails. Step #2: Inside each pigtail, split the hair in half and create a ropebraid. Step #3: Continue until you get to the ends and secure with a hair elastic. Step #4: Wrap the first ropebraid around the hairContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Two Ropebraid Bun”

How to Create a French Braid High Bun

1. Start by brushing the hair straight back so it’s smooth. Separate out a section of hair at the hairline that runs the width of the forehead. Spray this section with hairspray, then comb through it so it is smooth. 2.Carefully divide this section of hair into three equal strands for the French braid portion.Continue reading “How to Create a French Braid High Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Wrapped Roll Bun

1.Separate the hair into two sections from the top of the ears to the back of the head, and secure the top section with 1-2 duck-bill clips, depending on the hair thickness. 2.Sweep the bottom section into a low, off-center ponytail that sits below the right ear, and tie it off with a clear elasticContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Wrapped Roll Bun”

4 Easy Steps: Low Twisted Bun

1.Brush the hair into a low ponytail. Remove any tangles and smooth down any flyaways with hairspray. 2.Wrap the hair with a hairband, creating a bun by pulling the hair halfway through on the last loop so the ends face upwards. 3.Wrap the ends around the hairband and pin the ends with bobby pins. 4.GentlyContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Low Twisted Bun”

5 Simple Steps: Easy Loop Bun

1.Comb all the hair straight back, then mist it with hairspray and sweep it up into a ponytail that sits slightly below the ears. 2.Secure the ponytail by wrapping a clear elastic once over the hair, pulling the hair all the way through the band. 3.Wrap the clear elastic around the ponytail a second time,Continue reading “5 Simple Steps: Easy Loop Bun”

10 Easy Steps: Double Wrapped Bun

1.Separate off a portion of hair from the part down to the left ear and dip the front portion out of the way using a duck-bill clip. 2.Repeat the previous step on the other side. You’ll wrap these two front sections around the bun at the end. 3.Comb through the rest of the hair andContinue reading “10 Easy Steps: Double Wrapped Bun”