5 Easy Steps: Rope Braided Bun

1.After combing through the hair, pick up a section right behind the right ear, from the part down to the nape of the neck. 2.Divide the section into two strands and twist the bottom section over the top section. 3.Pick up a new strand of hair and combine it with one of the original twoContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Rope Braided Bun”

8 Easy Steps: Wrapped Half Bun

1.Comb through the hair to ensure there aren’t any tangles. Next, separate off a portion of hair in a square pattern from the part, down the back of the head, level with the top of the ears, then across to the right ear. Clip off this section with a duck-bill dip to work with later.Continue reading “8 Easy Steps: Wrapped Half Bun”

7 Easy Steps: Three Twisted Bun

1. Begin by brushing through the hair to remove any tangles. Spray the hair with hairspray and comb through it once more to smooth down any flyaways. Next, create a part from the right corner of the crown down to the nape of the neck and clip off the front hair with a duck-bill clip.Continue reading “7 Easy Steps: Three Twisted Bun”

8 Easy Steps: Bun of Twists

1. Start by separating the hair into three sections. Create a part from the top of the crown down to the ear, clipping off the front portion with a duck-bill clip. Now create a second part on the opposite side, clipping off the front portion again with another clip. 2. Pick up the back sectionContinue reading “8 Easy Steps: Bun of Twists”

5 Easy Steps: Cotton Candy Bun

1. Start by combing the hair back into a high ponytail. For a sleeker effect, comb the hair back and spray the top and sides with hairspray before combing over it again. This will smooth down flyaways and create a more seamless look. 2. Tie off the hair with a hairband. 3. Next, grab aContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Cotton Candy Bun”

4 Easy Steps: Bouffant Bun

Step #1: Create a high ponytail by brushing your hair all the way up to the crown of the head and securing the hair in a hair elastic or clip. Step #2: Add bulk to your pony by teasing your hair at the base. If your hair is silky and doesn’t hold backcombing very well,Continue reading “4 Easy Steps: Bouffant Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Upside-Down French Braid Back Bun

Step #1: Section off the front section from ear to ear across the crown area and clip back for later. Step #2: Flip your head upside down and start a normal French braid technique by taking a small section of hair at the nape of your neck and dividing it into three equal sections. SeeContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Upside-Down French Braid Back Bun”

4 Easy Steps: High Fishtail Bun

Step #1: Brush all of your hair toward the high crown of your head, gather the hair, and create a ponytail, securing it with a hair elastic. If your hair is really thick, I suggest that you use two hair elastics. Step #2: Divide the hair inside your ponytail into two. Step #3: Follow theContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: High Fishtail Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Ropebraid Bun

Step #1: Brush your hair toward the crown of the head, gather all the hair together, and secure with a hair elastic to create a ponytail. If your hair is really thick, add a second elastic. Step #2: Divide the hair left out of the ponytail in half. Twist the hair on the right sideContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Ropebraid Bun”