The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 7

Sprint Cross-Country Seal Power Knee Mountain Climber X-Jack The Mummy Reach Burpee Squat High Knee Jump Lunge

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 2

Each set in this workout is engineered to work as many muscle groups as possible, super-charging your metabolism. Remember form is especially important – quality trumps quantity! Sprint Cross-Country Seal X-Jack Mountain Climber Squat Reverse lunge Squat Jump Jump Lunge Power Knee Burpee Tiger Push-Up

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1

This challenge features exercises designed to burn fat, lose weight and increase strength. Level 1: Build a strong foundation from the ground up. The 7-Day challenges includes plyometrics and strength-building exercises, as well as routines that focus on the legs and core. Level 2 and 3: Routines featuring a blend of short and long sets,Continue reading “The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1”

The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 3

Rest for one minute after each round. Squat Sprint Jump Lunge Tiger Push-Up Seal Jump Burpee X-Jack

The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1

If you do HIIT for just three days, you’ll find it’s much easier to make it part of your regular lifestyle. Level 1: If you are having trouble getting started with HIIT, challenge yourself to three days of workout. Level 2 and 3: If you are already at a high level of fitness and wantContinue reading “The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1”

Power Hour HIIT Workout #1

Do each set three times. Rest for 30 seconds after each set. Total Time: 45m Warm Up Workout

30 Minute HIIT Workout – Fit Frenzy

High Knees Grasshopper Burpee Spiderman Star Ball Press Jump Lunge Reach Side Suicides Squat Pedal Ski Jump Sphinx Power Knee Squat Jump 1-2 Push

10 Minute HIIT Workout – Level 3

Sprint Squat Cross-Country Seal Push-Up Cross Jack Reverse Lunge Burpee Tricep Dip Star Crab Touch The Mummy Ball Press Power Knee Squat Lift Side Suicides Cross Push

4 Minute Metabolic Booster HIIT Routines

Sprint Squat Push Up In-and-Out Abs X-Jack Cross-Country Seal Crab Touch Star Sprint Spiderman Up Down 1-2 Push Power Knee Squat Jump Burpee Burpee Jump Lunge Cross Push Cross Jack Squat Pedal Tiger Push Mogul Jump V-Up