The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 7

Sprint Cross-Country Seal Power Knee Mountain Climber X-Jack The Mummy Reach Burpee Squat High Knee Jump Lunge

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 6

Rest for one minute after each round. Sprint Mountain Climber Cross Jack Crab Touch Side Suicides Tiger Push Up Skater Jump Russian Twist

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 5

Unlike doing endless crunches that focus only on the six-pack abs (rectus abdominis), these exercises together create a set that will attack your entire core. Let me know how the core killer set works out for you! V-Up Double Cross Reach Sprinter Sit Up Plank Punch

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 2

Each set in this workout is engineered to work as many muscle groups as possible, super-charging your metabolism. Remember form is especially important – quality trumps quantity! Sprint Cross-Country Seal X-Jack Mountain Climber Squat Reverse lunge Squat Jump Jump Lunge Power Knee Burpee Tiger Push-Up

The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1

This challenge features exercises designed to burn fat, lose weight and increase strength. Level 1: Build a strong foundation from the ground up. The 7-Day challenges includes plyometrics and strength-building exercises, as well as routines that focus on the legs and core. Level 2 and 3: Routines featuring a blend of short and long sets,Continue reading “The 7-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1”

The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 3

Rest for one minute after each round. Squat Sprint Jump Lunge Tiger Push-Up Seal Jump Burpee X-Jack

The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1

If you do HIIT for just three days, you’ll find it’s much easier to make it part of your regular lifestyle. Level 1: If you are having trouble getting started with HIIT, challenge yourself to three days of workout. Level 2 and 3: If you are already at a high level of fitness and wantContinue reading “The 3-Day HIIT Challenge – Day 1”

30 Minute Beginner and Intermediate HIIT Workout

Perform each set three times before moving to the next. Rest for 30 seconds between sets. Sprint Cross Jack Seal Jack Mountain Climber Squat Reverse Lunge Squat Hold Lateral Lunge Plank T-Stand The Mummy High Knees Push-Up Pike Bicycle Crunch