Home Remedy for Hair Loss

Hormones or genes can be responsible for hair loss in both women and men. This can be difficult to combat But to keep your hair in a generally healthy condition. there is no need to turn to expensive ‘wonder cures’. Nature offers an array of effective remedies and applications that are much easier on yourContinue reading “Home Remedy for Hair Loss”

3 Oiling Mistakes You Did NOT Know You Were Making!

1. Not massaging your scalp properly For the oil to penetrate your scalp properly, you need to massage it thoroughly. Make sure to massage your scalp with the help of your fingertips and NOT your palms. Massaging can help increase the blood circulation in that area, helping the oil spread through your tiny hair follicles.Continue reading “3 Oiling Mistakes You Did NOT Know You Were Making!”

Top 3 Oiling Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Washing your hair immediately Now that you’ve oiled your hair, do not make the mistake of washing it off immediately. The oil needs some time to penetrate your scalp and give it the necessary nutrients. It’s best that you leave the oil overnight for shiny and gorgeous locks. Being irregular with oiling Any home remedyContinue reading “Top 3 Oiling Mistakes You MUST Avoid”