Home Remedy for Hair Loss

Hormones or genes can be responsible for hair loss in both women and men. This can be difficult to combat But to keep your hair in a generally healthy condition. there is no need to turn to expensive ‘wonder cures’. Nature offers an array of effective remedies and applications that are much easier on yourContinue reading “Home Remedy for Hair Loss”

Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids also called piles, caused by excessive straining during a bowel movement, arc basically swollen veins in the anus accompanied by itching and sometimes sharp pain. They may be internal—that is, within the anal canal—or external, when they may be felt as little knobs or balls around the anal opening. Hemorrhoids are often the resultContinue reading “Home Remedy for Hemorrhoids”

Home Remedy for Gallstones

Your gallbladder acts as a kind of storage tank for bile—a substance the body needs to break down fatty food into digestible bits. But when there is too much cholesterol present, gallstones begin to form in tiny, hard globules that can grow to the size of an egg. A diet packed with rich, high-fat foodsContinue reading “Home Remedy for Gallstones”

Home Remedy for Fatigue

Many people don’t feel fully awake in the morning until they’ve had their first coffee. Unfortunately, coffee has only a short term effect. Instead, rediscover some traditional techniques to get you moving. Open the window wide and breathe in the fresh air. Get your circulation going with a couple of deep knee bends and moveContinue reading “Home Remedy for Fatigue”

Home Remedy for Eye Problems

Eyes are buffeted by countless irritants, including wind, smoke, dust, sun and even bacteria and viruses, which can lead to eye strain or eye ailments. Here are some ways that you can protect them. • Wear glasses to protect your eyes against direct sunlight, wind or dust. • Reduce or avoid drafts and don’t spendContinue reading “Home Remedy for Eye Problems”

Home Remedy for Earaches

If you are susceptible to earache, don’t leave home in cold weather without a hat or scarf over your head. Wear a bathing cap or use wax or silicon earplugs when swimming to avoid getting water in your cars. Try some of these home remedies to alleviate pain. NOTE: Don’t insert any substance into theContinue reading “Home Remedy for Earaches”

Home Remedy for Diarrhea

When diarrhea strikes, drink plenty of clear liquid (including rehydration fluids) to replace the lost water and the salts essential for retaining water in the body. Thyme Tea This traditional remedy can ease the unpleasant stomach camps that often accompany diarrhea 1/2 teaspoon (2 ml) dried thyme 1 cup (250 ml) boiling water Infuse theContinue reading “Home Remedy for Diarrhea”

Home Remedy for Constipation

• Drink a glass of prune or elderberry juice, diluted apple cider vinegar or warm water with honey in the morning on an empty stomach. • Alternatively, first thing each morning drink a large glass of warm water mixed with the juice of a lemon. • Dissolve 1 teaspoon (5 ml) sea salt in 2Continue reading “Home Remedy for Constipation”

Home Remedy for Colds

In the past, people often used the terms cold and flu interchangeably. Today, doctors distinguish between the two. If symptoms come on gradually and include a sore throat, headache, achy limbs, coughing, a runny nose, elevated temperature or slight fever, you probably have a cold. By contrast, flu comes on fast and hits hard, accompaniedContinue reading “Home Remedy for Colds”