5 Easy Steps: How to Create Beach Waves with a Curling Iron

Step #1: Start with dry hair. Clip back your hair from ear to ear Step #2: Start from the back of the head and work your way up. Take a small 1-2-in (2.5-5-cm) section (depending on the density of your hair). Using your curling iron, clamp down at the mid shaft of the hair StepContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: How to Create Beach Waves with a Curling Iron”

4 Easy Steps: Half-Up Top Knot

Step #1: Create a large triangle section from each side of your hairline above your eyebrow, back to the crown. Step #2: Gather all the hair in your triangle section back to create a ponytail and secure into place with a hair elastic. Step #3: Since there is only a small amount of hair inContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Half-Up Top Knot”

5 Easy Steps: Low Ropebraid

The low ropebraid is simple and sweet and works for daytime and casual occasions. This hairstyle is good for the beginner braider and works best with mid-length to long hair that has few layers. It suits straight hair because you will be able to see the definition in the twists of the braid. It’s greatContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Low Ropebraid”

6 Easy Steps: Knotted Updo

1. Comb through the hair to remove any snarls and tangles. Take sections of hair from both sides of the head, from the part down to the ears, and bring them towards the back of the head. 2. Create a knot by crossing the right strand over the left. Now that the strands have switchedContinue reading “6 Easy Steps: Knotted Updo”