5 Easy Steps: High Ponytail

Step #1: Comb all of your hair toward the crown of the head. Gather all of your hair with one hand while brushing it toward the crown. Step #2: Secure your hair at the high crown area with a hair elastic. If your hair is thick, use two hair elastics. Step #3: Take a smallContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: High Ponytail”

3 Easy Steps: Low Side Ponytail

Step #1: Start with completely dry hair. Gather your hair to the desired side. Lightly tease it upward so that it creates a lot of bulk and gives your hair a slight messy texture. If your hair is really silky, you can grunge up the texture by adding a hair powder or dry shampoo. ThisContinue reading “3 Easy Steps: Low Side Ponytail”

5 Easy Steps: How to do a Lace Braid

Step #1: Brush out your hair with a lithe shine serum to make it smooth. Starting on the desired side, take a small section of hair at your parting and hairline and create three small sections of hair Step #2: Cross the section from the hairline under the middle section (this is your new middleContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: How to do a Lace Braid”

4 Easy Steps: Top Braided Bun

Step #1: Loosely pull all your hair to the crown of the head and secure with a hair elastic to create a high ponytail. If your hair is really thick, add another elastic for extra hold. Step #2: Divide the hair into three sections and make a simple three-strand braid. Secure the ends with aContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Top Braided Bun”

5 Easy Steps: Messy Side Braid

Step #1: Start with dry hair and sweep all your hair to the desired side and divide it into three sections. Step #2: Take the section on the left and cross it up and over to place it in the middle. Step #3: Take your section to the right and cross it up and overContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Messy Side Braid”

4 Easy Steps: Knotted Ponytail

Step #1: Start with completely dry, well-brushed hair. Gather your hair loosely toward the nape of your neck and comb through with your fingers to give it an undone soft texture. Step #2: Create a low, loose ponytail and secure with a hair elastic. Step #3: Make a simple knot by creating a large loopContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Knotted Ponytail”

4 Easy Steps: Twisted Bun

Step #1: Start with completely dry hair. Apply a little shine serum to give your twisted chignon a polished look. Brush all the hair back to an inch (2.5 cm) above the nape of your neck. Gather it tightly and secure the hair with a hair elastic (use two if your hair is thick). StepContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Twisted Bun”

4 Easy Steps: How to Straighten Hair

Step #1: Apply a generous amount of hair protection spray to combed, towel-dried/air-dried hair. Divide your hair from ear to ear; clip back the top. Step #2: Take the round brush underneath a section of hair. Make sure the section is smaller than your round brush, and if your hair is extremely curly or frizzy,Continue reading “4 Easy Steps: How to Straighten Hair”

4 Easy Steps: Twisted Ponytail

A ponytail is classic, but sometimes, the standard pony might feel a bit boring. The ponytail with a twist brings in a little edge and a different feel, yet your hair is still casually pulled back into a classic ponytail. Incorporating hair from the sides takes a bit of practice but it’s easy once youContinue reading “4 Easy Steps: Twisted Ponytail”

5 Easy Steps: Headband Braid

Step #1: Start with dry hair. Section out the back of your hair from the top of your crown to right behind your ears to keep it out of the way. Step #2: Make a three-strand braid on the right. When you have 2 in (5 cm) left, use your left hand to hold oneContinue reading “5 Easy Steps: Headband Braid”