December: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year

The twelfth and final month of December signals the end of another year. Great work extends beyond mere job performance to staying mindfully engaged with yourself as a shining inspiration while sharing the knowledge you attained from your own experience. 1. Don’t Postpone Joy When you think about fleeting life is, what comes to mindContinue reading “December: 5 Ways to Prepare for the New Year”

November: 6 Ways to Heighten Conscious Connections

It’s important to ask ourselves what changes we can still make to cultivate a richer, healthier, and more soulful ride. 1. Breathe Consciously The human body discharges 70% of its toxins through breathing. If your breathing isn’t operating at peak efficiency, you’re not ridding yourself of toxins. Conscious deep breathing puts life back into yourContinue reading “November: 6 Ways to Heighten Conscious Connections”

October: 5 Ways to Adjust Yourself to a New Normal

In October the days are abundant with colorful, falling leaves. This month’s theme is sustaining the new normal that you have developed. You’re mindful that you’re no longer on duty to shoulder the weight of the world. 1. Rock Out If you put little rocks in a jar before trying to fit the big rocks,Continue reading “October: 5 Ways to Adjust Yourself to a New Normal”

September: 4 Ways to Clean Up your Inner World

From time to time, you may find yourself putting your needs at the bottom of the list in order to take care of others. If you want to help others, the key is to take care of yourself first. When you sacrifice your well-being (nutrition, rest, and exercise), you become overly stressed and burnt out,Continue reading “September: 4 Ways to Clean Up your Inner World”

August: 6 Ways to Make Amends with Yourself

The month of August is named after Roman emperor Augustus, describing someone who is honorable, noble or esteemed. In keeping with the theme of being honorable and noble, August encourage you to make list of everything you harmed (including yourself) and become willing to make amends to them all. It’s a time of completion, aContinue reading “August: 6 Ways to Make Amends with Yourself”

July: 6 Ways to Build Humility

Humility gives you an unfiltered look into yourself. You develop understanding and empathy for those around you. You willing open your arms and embrace both pain and join. 1. Observe National Workaholics Day Every year July 5th marks National Workaholics Day, dedicated to people who spend all their time working and ignoring other life pursuits.Continue reading “July: 6 Ways to Build Humility”

June: 5 Tips to Shine a Light Inward

In the sunny month of June think of it as a time of fiery enlightenment when your consciousness burns more brightly in your awareness. Once you are willing to shine a light inward, it’s possible to correct old patterns and cultivate new ones. 1. Avoid Comparing Yourself When you use someone else’s life as aContinue reading “June: 5 Tips to Shine a Light Inward”

May: 5 Ways to Work on Your Personal Growth

May is named after Maia, the Roman goddess of growth and productivity. It’s a time to cultivate honesty and integrity in order to prosper. If you were to plot your personal growth, it would make an upward zigzag, not an ascending straight line. A setback is part of your growth process as long as youContinue reading “May: 5 Ways to Work on Your Personal Growth”

April: 5 Ways to Build on Open-Minded Awareness

April is derived from the Latin aperire, “to open”, referring to the time of the year when flowers and trees open, baby birds’ hatch, and spring awakens. 1. Declutter One of the best ways “to open” on the physical plane is to declutter and cleanse your physical environment. Clutter is a roadblock to finding thingsContinue reading “April: 5 Ways to Build on Open-Minded Awareness”

March: 6 Ways of Letting Go

March is named after Mars, the ultimate Roman warrior of heroic actions. Surrendering and letting go are actions of personal strength and power – not defeat. 1. Observe Compulsive Thoughts Thoughts stalk you in your sleep, at a party, or while hiking with friends. They beat you to the office before you begin the workday.Continue reading “March: 6 Ways of Letting Go”